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Colorado umbrella brigade shields out homophobes

Photo credit:
Charles Rozanski - Facebook

A Colorado comic book store owner came under fire from noisy militant protestors after he started a monthly family-friendly drag show, but supporters reigned supreme with a colorful wall of umbrellas. 

Charles Rozanski is the owner of Denver's Mile High Comics which hosts the Drag For All Ages fundraiser; proceeds go to a scholarship fund reports LGBTQ Nation.

According to Rozanski a group of almost two dozen conservative protestors known as the "Proud Boys" showed up holding shields proclaiming that "allowing our young people to perform in a Family-friendly drag show constituted child abuse.”

Rozanski adds, “Their militaristic attire, and the masks and hoods of several other protestors, absolutely appeared to be threatening."

The Proud Boys have been in the news lately with its leader admitting the group is all about "brawling with anti-fascists and wasting the public’s money."

Rozanski hired two police officers to handle security but admits that felt "inadequate."

So it was the show's participants and supporters who rushed to the rescue and came up with a great and peaceful way to counter the homophobic demonstrators. 

“Over 75 brave parents and other supporters showed up yesterday bearing colorful umbrellas, which they used to shield our visitors and performers from the noise and view of our protestors," wrote Rozanski on Facebook. "As a result, everything was fine, except for a little added noise in our parking lot.”

It is the hope of Rozanski that the Proud Boys or other protestors would come and watch the show free of charge just to witness the joy on the faces of the children who participate and maybe then they will understand what the show is all about.

"Since that is probably not going to happen, however," Rozanski writes, "all I can say is that we will continue indefinitely to stage our fabulous drag shows, and to support the youth of our Community, regardless of their opposition. Love is love."