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Sign with gay slur prohibiting LGBT people costs bakery in Russia a nominal fine

Russian bakery fined for banning gay people from entering.
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A Russian bakery located in Siberia was ordered to pay $150 (US) for hanging a sign in the shop which read "Fa**ots are not allowed."

The bakery is owned by the Ipakov Brothers and opened back in February when they also hung the sign. 

Anton Ipatov, maintained at the time that the sign was non-discriminatory.  

But the Kemerovo central district court disagreed and cited the business for “inciting hatred" and ordered them to pay the fine.

In his plea, Ipatov said the sign is a representation of his “personal convictions,” according to court documents. 

He also added that gay people in the bakery could “affect his children,” and since they make natural food, “everything unnatural is alien to him.” 

This isn't the first time Ipatov has been under scrutiny. Previously the Kemerovo directorate of the Federal Antimonopoly Service was going to investigate his business for consumer protection law violations after he claimed his competitors were poisoning their customers.