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CA "Straight Pride" had more counter-protesters than actual attendees

The city of the Modesto means "modest," and that description held true this past weekend when describing the amount of people who showed up in support of the highly-publicized "Straight Pride."

After the City Council denied their request for a permit, Straight Pride organizers apparently wanted to use a local private farm as a gathering place but were kicked out by the owners during the assemblage once they found out what they were hosting. 

“This whole thing was presented to me as a little meeting, and I had no idea it was going to end up like this,” The farm owner said. “I trusted these people wholeheartedly because I did not think they had a mean bone in them. Maybe it’s a really good lesson for me to check things out better in the future.”

Eventually, Saturday's rally used the sidewalk outside a closed Planned Parenthood clinic according to The Modesto Bee.

Those who showed up in support of the event were outnumbered by those who came to counter-protest. Reports the Los Angeles Blade: "...the counter-protesters were nearly 200 people while Grundmann and his Straight Pride co-organizer Mylinda Mason of the California Republican Assembly could only muster about a dozen supporters."

Two dozen police officers were on hand to control the crowds, but there were no major confrontations

“We would like to thank them for remaining peaceful and expressing themselves in a respectful manner while embracing our community’s diversity,” the Modesto Police Department posted on Facebook once people had dispersed at about 3 pm. “No major incidents were reported after a day of protests.”

At the center of it all is organizer Don Grundmann who along with Mylinda Mason catapulted Modesto into the headlines over the past few months. 

First Grundmann who let slip that his organization is a racist one while applying for a permit in front of the City Council. Then Mason whose adoptive son Matthew, who is gay, told the world that his mother banned him from her house when he came out. 

Network television, namely the Dr, Phil Show wanted to do a segment on the Mason family, but according to Matthew his mother declined.

There is yet another "Straight Pride" event registered to take place, this time on the opposite coast.

In Boston, the organization Super Happy Fun America is scheduled to have their event on August 31.