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Pub owner stays cool as a cucumber amid homophobic attack by drunk woman

Pub owner stays cool as a cucumber amid homophobic attack by drunk woman.
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Screengrab from Antisocial Britain - Facebook

A pub owner in Staffordshire, England may have won The Most Patient Man of the Year Award after he endured several minutes of verbal abuse from an intoxicated woman last Friday. The whole thing was caught on camera (NSFW) and has since gone viral. 

Ryan Carrington seems to just want to vape when an inebriated woman invades all of his personal space and ruins his night.

The woman attacks him both physically and verbally with slaps and homophobic epithets, "fucking fat fa**ot," she slurs loudly over and over again. She repeatedly calls him a "Big fat fanny," a vulgar term in the UK. 

“You’re a gay bod and you don’t like women," she yells. "That’s what your problem is,” Carrington just taking hits from his vape pen. 

He then offers the plastered woman a quip: “I’ve been insulted by better than you darling, by people with far more intelligence.”

But that doesn't deter her and she keeps at it with her barrage of abuse. Carrington finally has had enough and warns her to back off after she shoves him from behind. 

Through the sounds of sirens, a few women who have seen the whole thing from inside emerge and try to defend Carrington who gets in-between them in order to stop what might have become an all-out brawl. 

LGBTQ Nation reports that Carrington made a statement about the whole affair on Facebook once the video was posted. 

“Being a publican [pub owner] I am well aware of cameras and have to act accordingly, yes my patience was tested but you have to think of pity for this woman,” he wrote.

“I doubt it’s the life she would have chosen if she had a choice. Let’s not condemn her, let’s try to help and educate, far more rewarding.”

You can watch the whole NSFW video HERE. Carrington says the video only captures the tail-end of the drunken rant.