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CA high school students give Nazi salute at awards banquet

CA high school students give Nazi salute at awards banquet.
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A social media video has resurfaced from November 2018 in which students at a Garden Grove, CA., high school are seen re-enacting a scene straight from the Third Reich complete with a Nazi march song at a private off-site school function. 

The students, members of Pacifica High School water polo team, were taking part in an apparent awards ceremony reports The Daily Beast. No teachers or adults were in attendance. 

School officials became aware of the video five months ago, but have not said how they addressed the kids, or how they were disciplined. 

One parent who wished to remain anonymous said the school never discussed the incident with others. A student at the school also said educators were mum about the video and it was never clear if those involved were suspended or not.

Herms Niel composed the song used in the video during the rise of Hitler in order to motivate the Nazi troops from 1935 until 1945. Peter Simi, a local professor, questioned where the teens may have learned about the march because it is so obscure. 

The Garden Grove Unified School District denounced the student's activity in a statement:

“Garden Grove Unified School District and Pacifica High School strongly condemn a video recorded last year of some students who engaged in offensive Nazi-related gestures. The video was filmed in November 2018 prior to the start of an after school hours, off-campus student athletics banquet in an empty and unsupervised room at the facility. The video was shared within a small group of students on SnapChat. It was not brought to the attention of the administration of Pacifica High School until March of 2019, four months following the banquet, at which time school administrators took immediate action and addressed the situation with all students and families involved. Federal law (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) prohibits the district from disclosing details of student discipline."

The school district says it is taking action this year and launching a new campaign to, "address issues of well-being and a welcoming climate, including addressing bullying, hate speech/actions, and our role in building inclusive communities which reflect equity and respect for all."