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CA Straight Pride organizer says it will go on despite denial by City Council

CA Straight Pride organizer says it will go on despite denial by City Council.
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Modesto News

The organizer for a Straight Pride festival proposed in Modesto says the event will happen despite the City Council denying the request due to lack of liability insurance. 

Don Grundmann is heading the charge to have the event and says it's not dead even after the Council's decision. 

“There’s many many new plans, five at least, maybe ten," he told CBS. “We’re just waiting for the bureaucratic response, the bureaucratic wheels to grind, and they can grind very slowly.”

According to Queerty, a spokesperson for the City Council, Thomas Reeves, says their vote had nothing to do with the group's credo. 

“We still have the requirement of insurance and a new location that will be more conducive to this type of event,”  said Reeves. “We are certainly not telling him or his supporters that he does not have a right to gather.”

Grundmann isn't giving away details about recent developments for his event only to hint that any violence that may happen would be triggered because of the City Council. 

“The violence is all an issue because the City Council lady smeared us,” he said. “And essentially, in fishing terms, she chummed the waters for violence.”

Executive Director Rick Zbur of Equality California, said in a statement: 

“At Equality California, a fundamental principle of our work is to respect the sexual orientations and gender identities of all people. But let’s be clear: ‘Straight Pride’ has nothing to do with respect or acceptance. Unlike LGBTQ Pride celebrations across the country, which bring people of all sexual orientations and gender identities together to promote acceptance, these events are an attempt to stoke anti-LGBTQ and racial animus, undermine our civil rights and strike fear in the hearts of LGBTQ people and our families. Those are not American values. Those are not California values. We call on all elected officials to join Congressman Harder in speaking out and condemning this unacceptable display of hatred. We are better than this.”