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AZ County Supervisor says sin gives gays a lifespan of only 42 years

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Ron Gould for State Senate website

Ron Gould (R) is an Arizona County Supervisor and former state senator. He believes that gay people have a life expectancy of 42-years. 

He made these claims in a recent article published by the Kingman Daily Miner (paywall)

When pushed further for an explanation, Gould was asked if he believes the short life span is because of a person's sexual orientation. 

"That’s why they die," Gould explains. "We all have our sins, but we should try to suppress them. Alcohol is harmful, too, but we don’t see groups promoting alcoholism."

Although there is no proof behind his claim, The Phoenix New Times may have found a correlation: 

“Gould probably got the number from an unscientific study conducted by the anti-gay Family Research Institute in 1994. Researcher Paul Cameron — who was terminated from the American Psychological Association over his research methods — counted obituaries in newspapers serving the LGBTQ community and allegedly found an average life span of 43 for gay men.”

Gould also doesn't think same-sex marriage is a civil right and insinuated LGBT people should be ignored, “It used to be ‘tolerate us,’; now it’s ‘accept us.'”