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CA Straight Pride organizer: “We’re a totally peaceful racist group"

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YouTube - Modesto News

The co-organizer of a Straight Pride event being proposed in California elicited laughter among the City Council chamber and its members on Thursday after he claimed his organization is "a totally peaceful racist group."

Don Grundmann stood before the panel to speak in favor of the Straight Pride festival which is scheduled to take place in late August in Modesto, California, about 75 miles south of Sacramento. 

"Although he quickly tried to recant the “racist” portion of his sentence, the chambers were already laughing and cheering so loudly he couldn’t be heard," reports SF Gate. "One of the Modesto city councilmembers can be seen laughing so hard, she fully turns away from her microphone."

Mylinda Mason was also in attendance. She is a co-organizer of the event whose son, Matthew Mason, is gay and who was also at the City Council meeting. 

“I have personally heard her use hateful, harmful rhetoric when describing the LGBTQ+ community and non-Christian religious communities," he told SF Gate. "Don Grundmann is a radical right-wing fascist from the Bay Area who is attempting to use Modesto as a launching ground for his political and cultural campaign of hate.”

 America has recently turned its attention to another Straight Pride event in Boston which only needs to cut through a little more red tape to move forward.