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Glitter mailed to Boston straight pride organizers

Glitter mailed to Boston straight pride organizers.
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Envelopes of glitter were mailed to the organizers of a Boston straight pride event which is scheduled to take place late next month.

"We, of course, called the police,” President John Hugo said of the packages he received. “I mean why would we open something like that?”

Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), as the group named itself, also called the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad which in turn led to involvement from the FBI and local fire departments.

The packages had no return address and turned out to be innocuous, containing only glitter and a Bible verse.

According to The Advocate, another glitter-infused letter was sent to City Hall, investigators are not sure if they are all connected. 

An SHFA volunteer thinks the mailings are no laughing matter; they had been taped closed and had a suspicious sandy texture when felt from the outside. 

John Hugo and his "straight pride" cause have received a lot of attention in the past month especially after Boston Mayor Marty Walsh approved the parade permit for the group, but emphasized he wouldn't be attending. 

“Even if it’s nothing in it," said Hugo of the glitter letters, "it’s still terrorism as far as I’m concerned because obviously it’s meant to intimidate us."

The straight pride event is scheduled to take place on August 31.