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D.C. resident captures homophobic man ripping down Pride flag

D.C. resident captures homophobic man ripping down Pride flag.
Photo credit:
@MJasonRhodes - Twitter

A violent display of homophobia was caught on camera when an unidentified man walked up to a Washington D.C. resident's stoop and tore down their Pride flag while yelling homophobic slurs and expletives. 

The owner of the flag, @MJasonRhodes posted the surveillance video on Twitter showing a pedestrian walking down the street, turning up the walkway and pulling down the banner. 

He can be heard shouting “f*ggot motherf*cker” and “drag queen motherf*ckers” as he angrily tosses the flag to the ground.

The NSFW video tweet is captioned:

“This happened in broad daylight at our house on Independence at 17th St SE this morning while my wife was walking our dog. People like this should not be on our streets.”

The police know of the video and are asking the victim to make a report so they can start an investigation. 

“We saw the Popville post as well and have attempted to make contact with and have the property owner make a report,” said  LGBT liaison and D.C. Police Lt. Brett Parson according to Queerty. “They were encouraged to contact the LGBT Liaison Unit Duty Phone or call 911. We stand ready to respond, investigate, and provide support.”

In an unrelated case last month, a Washington D.C. man was allegedly beaten by a gang of more than a dozen people which led to the arrest of three teenagers and one adult.