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Lesbian couple claim they were booted from CA "Out at the Fair" concert

Lesbian couple claim they were booted from CA "Out at the Fair" concert.
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Alameda County Fair

A lesbian couple attending an "Out at the Fair" concert event in Alameda County, California, say they were "kicked out" by security for dancing together. 

The Alameda County Fair had its inaugural LGBT day with musical duo Aly & AJ performing as special guests on Saturday. 

A video from the concert shared by Kayla Marie on Twitter shows a police presence approaching the women during the concert. The couple seem upset as they prepare to leave among the crowd that collectively boo at the situation. The post claims the women were reprimanded for “kissing and being publicly gay."

This assertion was backed up by another Twitter user named AyG who says she was one of the women asked to leave.

She shared her account of what happened in a thread of tweets. According to AyG, she and her girlfriend were "barely touching" when a security guard asked them to stop. She says they were called "disgusting" and reminded that "there were children" around. 

"We were in shock. We moved back to be with other people who saw the interaction. We were approached again by the same woman who again told us we were disgusting," AyG wrote

"We were kicked out when [Aly & AJ] were collecting money for The Trevor Project. During Out at the Fair. During Pride Month. In 2019," she adds. "We have never felt so uncomfortable being ourselves in our entire lives. We felt unsafe. We were scared."

Aly & AJ (Alyson and Amanda Michalka) were eventually informed of the situation and called out the guards from the stage.

"Security, please do not do that. This is a Pride event, and we should be able to be whoever we [want], do whatever we want," Aly said over cheers from the crowd. "That's why we have to stick up for one another."

AyG tagged Aly & AJ in a tweet the following day saying there was a silver lining to it all. 

"The only brightside of this horrifying ordeal was the support from all your fans, standing with us. I hope you guys do something about this. Safety for the people that you so unapologetically support should be the most important thing.How else are we supposed to live?"

The fair takes place in Pleasanton in Alameda County, in the east bay, just south of Oakland. It is a largely liberal city 

There has been no official word from Aly & AJ or the Alameda County Fairgrounds.