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Fresno County man arrested for threatening to shoot up gay nightclub like Pulse

Fresno County man arrested for threatening to "shoot up" gay nightclub.
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FAB Nightclub - Facebook

Jose Isabel Lechuga, 28, was arrested on Monday after he allegedly threated to shoot up a local gay bar in Fresno. 

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the threat was made against the FAB Nightclub earlier this month. “We have prevented what could have been a mass shooting in our city."

Chief Dyer said the suspect made a Facebook page called "MAGA shooter" and catfished a picture of Omar Mateen who killed 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016. 

Lechuga referenced that tragedy in his threats on social media, writing "Change the name of this nightclub to pulse nightclub since you will share the same fate."

According to Your Central Valley Lechuga also sent cryptic direct messages to the owner of FAB Nightclub, Terry Story, which said, “Get those metal wands ready.” “We will make an appearance tonight.” You won’t know who we are but we will be watching.”

Chief Dyer explains that the problem allegedly started over a video someone posted publicly. 

“Lechuga said he was upset due to the social media postings that had been made of his girlfriend’s mother, who had been in the nightclub and had gotten involved in a disturbance, that disturbance was videotaped and shared on social media along with some other post,” Dyer said.

Police obtained a warrant and searched Lechuga’s home in Selma where they found an abundance of handguns and ammunition.

“We were able to retrieve over a thousand rounds of ammunition and firearms, so Lechuga certainly had the capability of carrying out this threat,” Dyer said.

As the club's owner, Story made sure his staff was on high alert. 

He says he felt ill after a news report showed the number of weapons and ammunition Lechuga had stockpiled in his house. 

“I got a knot in my stomach that’s when it became a reality,” he said. "I was very appreciative of the community, the love and support that came from many of our friends, again of different sexual orientations and different ethnicity and backgrounds because they what FAB is and what it stands for."

Lechuga is booked into Fresno County jail on making terrorist threats and could face up to four years in prison if convicted.