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Four arrests made in brutal beating of gay man, many more assailants at large

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A 21--year-old man is recovering after he was allegedly beaten by a gang of more than a dozen people. Three teenagers and one adult have been arrested and charged with a hate crime, but a lot more are still on the street. 

LGBTQ Nation reports that Carl Craven and his boyfriend Braden Brecht were out early Sunday morning coming home from a local gay bar when they confronted by the gang. 

The couple had just moved to Washington D.C. recently and have no medical insurance so they have set up a GoFundMe which has already raised over $14k. 

An excerpt from the campaign also describes the attack:

My boyfriend, Braden, and I were walking from Hawthorne’s to Nellie’s on U St (in DC) last night and we stopped to talk for a few minutes.

He was leaning against me and a few guys started yelling ‘faggot’ at him and started to swing at him. It was all a quick blur but next thing you know there was literally a mob of 15 guys beating him.

They came out of nowhere and I was powerless to stop them, all I could do was jump on him to try protect him and scream help. I don’t remember how long they kept beating him for. They stole his phone and my wallet.

They chipped a major part of his front tooth and he had to get multiple stitches on his lip.

Craven says he tried to help his boyfriend during the attack,  "Instinctively, I just jumped on top of him and tried to shield him and was shouting, 'Help, help, help!'" Craven told NBC Washington.

Along with a hate crime charge, those who have been arrested also face a charge of robbery with force and violence.

The couple had recently moved to D.C. where Craven accepted an internship. It is unclear whether they will stay in the area or not.