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Hate preachers are holding a conference in FL & praying to invoke Stand Your Ground law against protesters

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A consortium of Baptist religious figures is holding a conference called “Make America Straight Again” in Orlando this weekend. This meeting comes three years after the Pulse nightclub shooting which took the lives of 49 innocent LGBT people and their allies. 

Scheduled speakers make up a guest list of hate. 

These religious leaders are a part of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church according to LGBTQ Nation, and it is reported that their meeting date so near Pulse's anniversary and Orlando Pride is no coincidence 

Pastor Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church in Orlando makes it clear in a promo video the goal of the conference and its speakers is to make a "vocal stand against the sodomites and their filth they've been spreading into the homes and families across the United States of America."

He adds: "God hates homos. Amen. God hates the fa**ots and the queers and the LGBT crowd.”

That theme runs throughout the weekend as guests include the globally banned Steven Anderson who praised the deaths of Pulse victims, saying they were "worthy of death."

From the west coast is Sacramento preacher Roger Jimenez, another hate speaker who also praised the deaths of those at Pulse, “If we lived in a righteous government, they should round them all up and put them up against a firing wall, and blow their brains out.”

Then there is Tommy McMurtry who also thinks LGBT men and women belong "six feet under. "

Not to be outdone by Boyle, McMurtry doubled down on the hate speech in his promo by wishing for protestors and violence at the conference. 

“Pray that if they do any protests, that it gets violent,” he said. “They have Stand Your Ground in Florida. So we’re allowed to fight back," he said.

He adds, smirking, "With the crowd that will be protesting us, it'd be a pretty easy win."

Pride events around the country are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride movement this month which began at Stonewall in New York. 

The LGBT community has overcome many hate-fueled obstacles in the past five decades and even gained the right to legally marry. 

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