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Ecuador's high court approves the right for same-sex couples to marry

Ecuador approves the right for same-sex couples to marry.
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Same-sex couples in Ecuador have a reason to celebrate this week as the country's highest court legalized same-sex marriage on Wednesday. 

Five members of the nine in the Constitutional Court voted in favor of the law as a result of two cases they heard involving two same-sex couples who wanted to marry.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay have already legalized same-sex marriage. This decision is in step with the Inter-American Court on Human Rights which ruled in January that same-sex marriages should be recognized. 

One of the couples that filed a lawsuit last year was Efraín Soria and Javier Benalcázar. Soria is also the leader of the Ecuadorean Equality Foundation. 

After the decision on Wednesday, he gave a shout out to his fiance on television, "I want to say hello to Javier, who is in Guayaquil: 'Honey, I love you.'" 

 Mr. Soria is also the head of the LGBT rights group Ecuadorean Equality Foundation. He urged other gay people to stop hiding and "enjoy the happiness that comes from being equal, like anyone else."

The four judges who opposed marriage equality said the government would have to approve any amendments to the constitution. 

But according to Pink News, former supreme court president Gustavo Medina said any decisions made by the Constitutional Court are “binding and mandatory."