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Motorcycle vandalists could face hate crime charges for defacing Pride crosswalk

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A new $30,000 rainbow crosswalk unveiled in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Monday, June 3 was quickly defaced when about a dozen motorcyclists took the opportunity to burn rubber and leave tire marks across it.

The vandals could face a hefty fine or be charged with a hate crime if caught. 

According to LGBTQ Nation some of the criminals videotaped their antics and police are hoping to cull leads from the footage. 

The colorful crossing was installed for Pride month and cost three times what a standard one would.  

Melvin Hanson, a local said, “I can’t believe we can’t have anything nice."

New Mexico Senator Jacob Candelaria is the only openly gay politician in the state. He's not just upset about the damage, but the childish behavior of the hoodlums. 

“To the vandals, I hope you got something out of it. But my message to you, is grow up,” he said.

Candelaria added, “Little boys like that, who defaced that sidewalk they’re never going to take our pride away.”

The damage will be repaired but it is not known what the cost of that restoration will be.