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Social media was on alert after someone messaged a threat to Hillcrest

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Hillcrest Business Association

A reported direct message on social media had several people in Hillcrest on alert Wednesday evening. There were false reports that said someone may have had a gun in the area.

One person wrote on Facebook, "[possible] Shooter in Hillcrest gay bars...not to cause alarm, tho someone I know has suggested I pass the word forward to keep a low profile tonight... maybe stay home...."

But San Diego Police say there was no shooter. However, they investigated a suspicious direct message threat.

Their investigation led them to a gentleman who was taken into custody at about 6:15 pm.

Officer Buttle of the San Diego Police Department says the suspect is, "at the county mental health facility." Police did not name the suspect. 

Details of what the message said were not made available to SDGLN.

People in the community are still recovering from a shooting that happened in February when 29-year-old Stefano Markell Parker took a rifle and fired into the busy Asian Bistro on University Avenue. Nobody was seriously injured in that attack. 

More recently 19-year-old John Earnest was taken into custody on suspicion of killing one woman and injuring three others at a San Diego County synagogue.

SDGLN will keep you posted on this recent story as it develops.