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Mykki Blanco is San Diego Pride's Movement stage headliner

Mykki Blanco is San Diego Pride's Movement stage headliner,
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Mykki Blanco

The list of talent performing at San Diego Pride 2019 just keeps getting better. The announcement came today that the always-entertaining Mykki Blanco will be the headliner on the Movement stage at this year's music festival.

Blanco is best known for his artful videos which tend to be as unique as he is. His 2016 video for the single "Loner" featuring Jean Deaux comes with not one warning but two. The first is for adult content, the next for epileptic seizures.

Blanco is a queer globetrotter who has captured the attention of artists who, like him, don't necessarily fit into a type. But that has been the very definition of Pride since it's beginnings on Christopher Street five decades ago when those who were different began fighting back. The anniversary of Stonewall is not lost on Blanco who understands its significance and the importance of this year's theme: "Stonewall 50: A Legacy of Liberation."

"As a musician who's always been openly queer for the entirety of my career," says Blanco, "I see each Pride as a chance to celebrate the rich lineage of LGBTQA artists and creatives who came before me, the trailblazers and activists who changed our culture for the better from the inside out, and paved the way for the inclusivity and equality we experience today."

Executive Director of San Diego Pride Fernando Z. López applauds Blanco's tenacity and perseverance. 

“Mykki Blanco is a game-changing performing artist whose life through his lens of trans, genderfluid, gay, queer, HIV positive, and black identity and experiences have always been at the forefront of his public persona, music, and activism,” Lopez said.  “It’s important for us at Pride to ensure our community see ourselves reflected at our events, which is why having groundbreaking entertainers like Mykki out there bringing their whole-selves to the Movement Stage and our LGBTQ civil rights movement is so exciting!” 

It was in June 2015 that Blanco went public with his positive HIV status, he thought that might be the end of his musical career he feared it had created a pall over his otherwise fun persona. In fact, he was ready to throw in the towel regarding his music but those fears were squelched after numerous people responded to his revelation with understanding and support.

The decision to continue on as a hip-hop artist would reap some of his most creative works, including an acclaimed self-titled debut album and guest vocals on the hard-edged "My Sex" by Brook Candy. 

Mykki Blanco will make an indelible presence at San Diego Pride that's for sure. His dance-worthy songs carry with them more than an infectious electro beat, they are also explicit messages of acceptance, struggle, with social notes about sex, love, and personal empowerment. 

The Pride Music Festival is July 13 and 14. Get tickets HERE

Videos below are NSFW: