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Mayor Faulconer announces 8 sites for permanent supportive housing

Mayor Faulconer announces 8 sites for permanent supportive housing.
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As part of his effort to create more housing for the City’s most vulnerable residents, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer yesterday announced he will make eight City-owned properties available to developers with the goal of building nearly 200 permanent supportive housing (PSH) units.

The City’s Real Estate Assets Department (READ) evaluated dozens of City-owned properties, including sites recommended by City Council offices, for housing potential. Other properties that weren’t in use but are currently zoned for residential and PSH were also assessed.

“We must build more housing that San Diegans can actually afford and that is especially true for those who need more than just a roof over their head,” Mayor Faulconer said. “There’s a big need for permanent supportive housing that provides on-site assistance to seniors, veterans and others who would otherwise struggle trying to live on their own. We’ve also identified sites in neighborhoods across the city to make sure every community is doing its fair share to address the housing crisis.”

The City identified eight properties – located in six of the nine City Council districts – that have the potential to allow for construction of up to 198 PSH units, including two sites in District 8 that will be focused on serving seniors. A request for proposals (RFP) is expected to be issued in June to lease five of properties. A subsequent RFP will be issued to sell the remaining properties to builders. Winning proposals will be presented to the City Council this fall.

Permanent supportive housing is housing with no limit on length of stay that is linked to on-site or off-site supportive services that assist residents in retaining housing, improving one’s health status, and maximizing one’s ability to live and, when possible, work in the community.

Since 2014, the City of San Diego has helped more than 7,500 people find a permanent or long-term home with assistance programs, including rapid rehousing, family reunification, housing vouchers and landlord engagement. Interim programs, such as the Safe Parking Program and the City’s three Bridge Shelters, help people stabilize their situation while they access resources critical to getting them ready for long-term housing.

The eight City-owned properties that will be included in the RFPs are located at:

3043 Fairmount Avenue, City Heights

Birch St & Osborn St, Southeastern San Diego

NEC Friars Rd & Colusa St., Linda Vista

Site 892, W. Morena Blvd WLY Vega, Linda Vista

Site 359, K Street, west of 33rd Street and northwesterly of the SD/AZ railroad 92102.

Former Mission Hills Library, 925 W. Washington St. 92103, Uptown

Serra Mesa Library (former), Sandrock Rd & Hurlbut St., Serra Mesa

Miramar Ranch Park & Ride, 12016 Scripps Highlands Drive, San Diego 92131