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Reno LGBT community gets trolled by lone picketer of rising hate group outside LGBT center

Reno was visited by a single hate group troll last week.
Photo credit:
Reno Gay Page

Reno is a quiet part of Nevada when it comes to its LGBT population, but recently the community has been made aware of a hate group named The Salt and Light Brigade (SLB) which seems to have put the Biggest Little City on its radar. 

SLB is an affiliate of Pass the Salt  Ministries; it's headed by ex-high school football coach Dave Daubenmire, and is a known LGBTQ hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Reno Gay Page reported last week that a man representing SLB armed with a bullhorn and religious picket sign stood outside their LGBT community center (OUR Center) yelling pious rhetoric.

The police confronted the man, not for his freedom of speech, but using a bullhorn without a permit. The unidentified man left his post in front of the Center and has not returned. Although it was only one individual, the community was understandably concerned about him, especially when the motto for the organization he represents is "Protect the Flock With a Glock." 

City officials have become aware of the lone harbinger, and advise that citizens not engage in dialogue should they run into anyone else representing the hate organization. The Reno Gay Page says anyone affiliated with the group can be identified by t-shirts and Go-Pro cameras attached to their religious signs. 

Police say the group does not pose an immediate threat. They encourage ignoring the person or persons and immediately call police if they feel threatened.

They also say disrupting the flow of traffic on a public sidewalk interferes with the course of businesses which is illegal in Reno. 

"The Reno Police Department advises members of the community to always remain safe," reports the Reno Gay Page. "Pictures and videos can help them in investigating the incident and a watchful eye on any hate group to prevent threats to the community. If making a video of the incident, make sure to remain silent and not make comments, as they can be insightful. Don’t add fuel to something that is just free speech and turn it into something else."

With its close proximity to California, especially the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno has sort of become the Palm Springs of Northern California during Pride season. Reno's Pride celebration which increases in attendance every year, hosts many Northern Californians who want to get away from the big city and celebrate a relaxing Pride along the Truckee River.