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UK teenage student stomped in transphobic attack, gets support from the community

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A UK  trans student was left with a concussion after one of her classmates attacked her and stomped on her head

Coron Kraatz, 15, attends the Oasis Academy Wintringham in Grimsby. On March 19 she was headed to a special dressing room when another female student attacked her and threw her to the ground.

The attacker began to severely stomp on Kraatz's head until a teacher intervened, pulling the assailant off of her. 

Kraatz was taken to the hospital where she was treated for a concussion and bruising. As a result of her injuries, she is unable to remember a few hours before the incident and about three hours afterward. Fellow students had to inform her of details of what happened. 

Her anxiety has also increased which has caused her to worry about safety beyond the house. 

GrimsbyLive reports that the beating was motivated by transphobia, and this wasn't the first time she was accosted for being trans, having been confronted by kids in the past.

"This is the third time that my daughter has been attacked by vicious bullies," said her mom Suzanne, "This time it took place as she was walking to a special changing room, where she was punched to the ground and kicked in the head so badly that she was left with a boot mark on her head.

"The girl also pulled clumps of hair out of her head so violently that Coron was left with cuts on her scalp and struggled washing her head for days because of how painful it was.

"A teacher even told us that if they did not intervene at the right time then it could have been too late, as the girl was stamping down on the temple of her head."

BBC Newsperson India Willoughby started a "Cheer up" fundraiser for Kraatz, which took in over  £1,100 in less than 24 hours. 

The Globe, a local cafe in Cleethorpes, also offered Kraatz a safe space to heal. She says that's been especially comforting. 

"Last week a lady came in and just came up to me and give me this big hug and told me that I am not alone," she said. "I had never met the woman before, and it was so nice to feel that support and love from someone, it really meant a lot."

Cafe owner Matthew Head says he just wants to help the teenager recover. 

"Coron and her mum have been regulars at our LGBT night and it was awful to hear about what had happened to her," he said. "Because of that we decided that we wanted to do something special for her, in order to bring people together and show that there is a lot of love our there in the world."