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Massachusetts bans conversion therapy for minors

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On Monday, Massachusetts officially made it illegal for minors to participate in conversion therapy. 

The state's Governor Charlie Baker (R) signed the bill into law and it will immediately go into effect.

This prohibits licensed therapists from participating in treatments that hope to change a minor's sexuality or gender identity. 

Although adults can still seel treatment in this way, there are penalties if a therapist uses such a method on anyone 18 years or younger. 

With this new law in place, Massachusetts has become the 16th state to outlaw the practice in the United States. 

California banned conversion therapy back in 2012, but many are unaware that there is a loophole. 

Dr. Nathaniel Frank, author of the critically acclaimed bestseller “Unfriendly Fire,” clarified it for us back in 2017.   

“The ban only applies to licensed therapists, which allows religious and unlicensed counselors to continue the practice,” he said.