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Toronto Pride might ban military contingent and corporate sponsors from parade

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Pride Canada

Pride Toronto might be adding military personnel to their list of banned participants in the Pride parade reports Gay Star News.

Lisa Amin, a Pride board member has written up four proposals of things she would like to see changed. One is the removal of military presence. 

“Military interventions worldwide disproportionately target, maim, and kill people of color," the motion reads. “This is not coincidence but rather is a function of and is maintained by legacies of white supremacy and imperialist projects.”

In 2017, the organization successfully banned police from marching in the parade because they felt their presence was triggering, causing people of color and trans folks to feel unsafe. Amin says the Canadian military has the same effect. 

Another request is that corporate sponsors be excluded from the float procession.

“There are better ways for corporations to show us their support,” the motion reads. “The Sunday parade is too long and as a result is a barrier to participation.”

Her other requests include Pride Toronto being more transparent on their website and to stop allowing the prison industrial complex to participate in the event. Pride Toronto has yet to make a statement about the motions. 

Although certain that all her demands will be approved, Amin says those changes might not be made until 2020.

In San Diego, uniformed representation from all branches of the service march in Pride as do members of law enforcement.