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Teacher fired for whistleblowing on homophobic racist flyers will get job back

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Last Wednesday, flyers containing homophobic and racist hate speech were posted around the halls of McCormick Junior High in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the teacher who reported the leaflets was allegedly fired for whistleblowing.

The posters were printed in black-and-white with a monotone Pride flag and the following text: 

"It’s great to be straight. It’s not OK to be gay. Black lives matter only because if it weren’t for them who would pick our cotton. Join the KKK (the confederate kid club).”

Kaycee Cook, a substitute and co-sponsor of the school's Gay Straight Alliance saw the posters and reported them to the LGBT advocacy group Wyoming Equality. Afterward, principal Jeff Conine fired her via email, writing:

“I am notifying you that due to incidents that have occurred at McCormick you are no longer welcome as a guest or a substitute teacher in our building."

The district's school superintendent, Boyd Brown said on Tuesday that at least one minor has been identified in the incident and will be punished according to district policy.

Brown also said that Cook will most likely be reinstated.

Cook says she noticed an increase in the amount of bullying against the GSA club.

“We’ll continue to investigate to see how widespread it is,” Brown said.

Guidance counselors and other support professionals have met with members of the GSA club and students of color to "check in" and make sure they are feeling safe. 

Students will also get a lesson from the district’s Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

The Board of Trustees is looking into the case further and reviewing anti-discriminatory policies that they will insist "be enforced,” said Board Chairwoman Marguerite Herman.