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Mom angry that children's book about Harvey Milk was read to her 7-year-old daughter at school

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Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and The Rainbow Flag

A Virginia mother is not happy that her 7-year-old daughter was read a book about LGBT activist and politician Harvey Milk. 

The popular children's book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and The Rainbow Flag was read to the student which in turn prompted her to come home and ask questions about religion and the LGBT community

“It caused her to question her faith," said her mother Culley Burleson to WRIC. "It caused her to know what homosexuality is.”

Although the mother claims she has no issue with the theme of the book, she says the drawings inside are what got her angry. 

In one illustration Milk is addressing a crowd with a bullhorn amid protestors holding signs which read, “God Says No” and “Gays Must Go."

Curious as to why God would hate anyone, the little girl went home and asked her mother about it. 

“She has been told her entire life God doesn’t hate anyone, love everyone if you don’t understand something about someone pray for them, ask questions," said Burleson.

The teacher stood by her decision to read the civil rights story, but the school's principal told Burleson the book, "was not vetted through the appropriate process at our school. It is also not an approved part of our curriculum."

The mother is asking that school policy be changed to allow parents to know which books will be read to their children.