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Hillcrest Pride Flag restored after vandalism in February

Two months ago, the Hillcrest Pride flag was vandalized and immediately the community got to work fundraising for its repair. 

Today it was revealed that those repairs have been made and the monument is back good as new. 

In a social media post on Tuesday, the Hillcrest Pride Flag made the announcement and thanked those who participated in raising money for the restoration project:

"The Hillcrest Pride Historical Monument has been fully restored and replaced. Thanks to everyone who, within such a short time, contributed to the repair. Crest Cafe, Hale Media, Inc., VOM FASS Hillcrest, Carleton Management, Inc., Tacos Libertad, Hillcrest Business Association and Rise Uptown."

On February two plaques beneath the Pride Flag were scratched up and damaged with an object sharp enough to make deep gashes in the surface.

One plaque signifying the history of the flag had severe scratches across a picture featuring members of the community. 

This year will mark the seventh anniversary of the flag being raised at its permanent location at University Avenue and Normal Street.