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Mom gives birth to her son's and his husband's child

Mom gives birth to her granddaughter for gay son and his husband.
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Cecile Elidge, 61, gave her son perhaps the best gift he will ever receive – a child!

Husbands Elliot and Matthew Dougherty wanted to start a family, but the cost of using a surrogate was not something they could afford. So Matthew’s mother Cecile offered to carry the baby for them.

She recently talked to Buzzfeed about her story, saying she didn’t think twice.

“I thought if I could do it, I would do it,” Cecile told Buzzfeed. “It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Surprisingly, Cecile got pregnant after the first procedure. She was implanted with an embryo from Elliot’s sister which had been fertilized by Matthew.

The cost was still significant; nearly $40,000.

“I do think it’s sad that IVF as a process is exclusive to those who can afford it,” Matthew said. “And for queer couples, it’s a particular challenge.”

On March 25, the stork delivered Uma Louise Dougherty-Eledge to the family. 

 Although they have been blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy, Matthew says he's disconcerted with the formalities and red tape. 

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” Matthew said. “My mom and I are legally Uma’s parents. Nebraska requires the sperm donor to be the father and the person who delivers the baby to be the ‘mother,’ even if she’s not biologically related to the child. This looks really creepy for us. Let’s just say we will NOT be framing and hanging up Uma’s birth certificate. I thought Elliot could at least put his name on the birth certificate, at least symbolically, but they didn’t even offer that. He now needs to go through an adoption process to get any legal rights. We plan on doing that, but let’s pretend in the meantime, since this can be a tedious process, god forbid, I were to die: Elliot would have absolutely no legal custody for our daughter.”