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Georgia teachers taunt middle school student implying he's gay, mom wants them fired

An investigation int the matter found that the teachers did tease the student.
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The mother of a middle-school student is calling for the termination of two teachers who she says teased her son suggesting he's a homosexual.  

It happened at Shiloh Middle School in December when one day Jean Mott says her son came home in tears. Mott told Atlanta TV station WSB that he was upset because people were taunting him after a two-day absence.

“Your boyfriend was cheating on you while you were away," said one of the teachers according to his mom. "Oh, you two make a really good couple."

Another instructor allegedly mocked the 14-year-old boy, saying he chased other boys around the school. 

It wasn't long before the other kids picked up on the teasing and began to taunt him themselves. 

The school began an investigation which confirmed the teachers had in fact made the comments and they were suspended for two days. 

But Mott thinks that's not enough and she wants them fired for their behavior. 

Another investigation has been initiated, this one by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. If they rule that the student's rights have been violated the instructors could lose their teaching certificates. 

But the child's mom thinks swift action should be taken instead. 

“I cannot allow these teachers to go out and do this to anybody else’s child,” she said. “They initiated the bullying. As a result, my son has been bullied by his peers, and it’s something he’ll never live down.”