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Adele & Jennifer Lawrence have a great time in NYC gay bar

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence surprise guests at a New York gay club.
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Google Street View

Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Adele were looking to have some fun over the weekend and patrons at the Pieces LGBT bar in New York's Greenwich Village, watched as the duo did as everyone else was doing; having a great time. 

In what might be a great piece for Us Weekly's, "Stars, They're just like us" section, both mega-celebrities followed along in all the nighttime fun including participating in a drinking contest. 

According to Queerty Lawrence won, but Adele was sore about it, “You’re f***ing engaged. You’re not even relevant to be here!” cried Adele.

The club's host, Brita Filter, kept the dialogue going and invigorated the crowd with her encouragement. 

The evening got even more surreal as the two stars rolled around on the barroom floor. 

Several videos have emerged of the surprise guests and all of them seem to say the same things: Everyone had a blast.