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San Diego Unified board member Kevin Beiser sued for alleged sexual assault

The lawsuit says Doe was subject to Beiser's sexual advances just after they met.
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San Diego Unified School District

A man is suing San Diego Unified School Board member Kevin Beiser for unspecified damages accusing him of sexual assault and sexual harassment according to the San Diego Union-Tribune

In a story published late Monday night, a man they only identify as John Doe alleges that Beiser who serves District B abused him over the course of five years. 

“I have nothing to gain from this,” Doe told the paper saying he doesn't want others to be subject to abuse. “So for me, I just want him … I want it to stop.”

Beiser has not given a public statement about the lawsuit and cannot be reached for comment.

According to Doe, he was an SDSU college student interning at the United States capital when he first met Beiser in 2013. Doe wanted to get into politics and Beiser hired him to do fundraising. 

The lawsuit says Doe was subject to Beiser's sexual advances just after they met.

Beiser's accuser says it was in Washington D.C. that Beiser hired him to work on his campaign and invited him to a social function. 

The lawsuit says Beiser paid for several alcoholic beverages for Doe, who became intoxicated. That's when Beiser allegedly took Doe to a hotel and sexually assaulted him.

Doe was then offered a job by Beiser to work on his 2014 school board campaign, but Doe made it clear he only wanted a professional relationship. 

But that's not what happened according to the suit, Doe says Beiser “created a sexually offensive and hostile work environment."

Allegations include inappropriate touching and verbal sexual advances among other behaviors, all while they were working from Beiser's home.

Beiser won his seat on the school board and Doe says he kept his distance until he sought Beiser's fundraising help in his quest for City Council. Doe and his girlfriend allegedly confronted Beiser and demanded he stop his advances. 

According to the lawsuit, Beiser continued to harass Doe who ultimately lost the election. 

Then in 2017 Doe again sought Beiser's help in fundraising, hoping that Beiser would keep their relationship professional.

Once again Beiser hired Doe to help him with his school board campaign in 2018 which ended in Doe's firing two months later because according to the suit he rejected Beiser's advances. 

According to the Union-Tribune, the lawsuit claims Doe went to Beiser's home to get his paycheck and "Beiser assaulted him again."

Doe says he suffered "lost income, medical and psychological expenses and emotional distress."

The alleged victim is also suing Beiser's spouse Dan Mock, who he blames for not stopping the abuse when they were at their home.