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San Diego Trans Pride deletes initial FB share denouncing LGBT people in uniform

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UPDATE: San Diego Trans Pride has issued the following apology for the post they shared in the below story: "We apologize for the harm that our last post caused and we understand it does not represent the entire trans community in San Diego. The admins discussed and agreed that we will be more mindful of what we post and reshare on our page from now on."

Original story: 

San Diego Trans Pride shared a very divisive message in a Facebook post from the National Union of Students Queer/LGBTI (NUS) on Sunday:

The post--since deleted--read, "Happy Mardi Gras everyone except cops, the military, corporations and Liberals."  

"No Pigs in Pride" was the bold focus of the meme and demands, "Know The History Destroy The System."

The NUS is an Australian student-based organization that claims they want, "universities – and society – to be places free from discrimination and oppression."

But it appears the organization doesn't want to extend that liberty to people in uniform, and for San Diego that has its LGBT community upset. 

For Trans Pride to share the sentiments however briefly, they appeared to have no regard for San Diego's transgender police officer Christine Garcia or our concentration of military personnel, the nation's largest, many of whom march in San Diego Pride every year. 

But according to their statement replaced by the meme, they recognize both sides of the issue. 

"To be clear, while Trans Pride stands in opposition to the violence done by the institution of the police state and military, we also acknowledge and honor the humanity of people that are employed by institutions like the military and police. We’ll continue to amplify all voices, including those in our community that are critical of the police state - which, after all, is what our trans and drag queen foremothers were protesting at Stonewall 50 years ago."

San Diego Pride co-founder and City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez talked to San Diego Gay and Lesbian News about Trans Pride's original share. 

"The recent posting by San Diego Trans Pride and the National Union of Queer Students subjecting our military personnel and police officers with hate is appalling, it's disgusting and should be condemned by all GLBT people and organizations," said Murray-Ramirez. "I will not be supporting these two groups till they issue a public apology. This hateful stand. Is especially hurtful to our GLBT military, veterans and police officers."

San Diego Pride has no affiliation with Trans Pride and is not their fiscal sponsor.

San Diego's Meredith Vezina of Trans Narratives said that everyone should be welcome at Pride, and if there is a question of exclusion, a conversation should be had.

"As an organizer of the first San Diego Trans Pride in 2014, I believe that any individual or organization that comes to the event to show their support should be welcomed," said Vezina. "There should not be a litmus test for who gets to attend. If the trans pride committee has a problem with cops then let's discuss and debate this issue in a public forum with the San Diego Police."

As of this writing, San Diego Trans Pride has not issued a formal apology for sharing the post. SDGLN reached out to Trans Pride organizer Jae Rose for a statement via direct message but has yet to hear back.