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Denver videographer denies gay couple his services

Wedding videographer won't film gay wedding.
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Brides Anna Suhyda and Amanda Broadway were planning their wedding which included finding a videographer to capture the big event, so they hired Media Mansion, but the owner found out they were gay so he declined.

Benjamin Hostetter who owns Media Mansion in Denver says he could not go through with the job because his Christian faith won't allow him to. He cites his belief that gay families aren't healthy.

“I believe it has to do with family and producing healthy families," Hostetter said. "I don’t think there’s a lot of good evidence out there that two men or two women can come together and have a really amazing effective family that is good and is everlasting.”

But bride-to-be Anna Suhyda said Hostetter was okay with the job in the beginning. 

“He asked, ‘What’s your fiancée’s name?’ And I said, ‘Amanda.’ And I could tell he kind of paused on the phone, but I thought he was maybe jotting down notes," said Suhyda to a Denver news channel. "Then l got to work and looked at my email [which read] ‘unfortunately, at this time, we are not serving the LGBTQ community!’ With an exclamation point. Kind of like a punch in the gut.”

Hostetter is also upset that the media has run with the story especially since they may not know some of his friends are gay. 

“It really like just kind of exploded, and everyone just kind of assumed that we hate gay people, which is sad. I have friends who are gay, and if they want to hang out and me to do a video for them, it’s totally cool," he said. "But specifically doing a project that would be against my beliefs in anything regardless of what the specifics of it is not something I want to engage in.”