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Gunman fires assault rifle into active Hillcrest eatery, no injuries reported

Police have arrested a man who could face nine counts of attempted murder.
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Hillcrest Business Association

Hillcrest was a hotbed of police activity on Tuesday night when police responded to reports of a shooter in front of the Asian Bistro on University Avenue. One man is in custody. 

It happened at about 7:40 pm when people heard a rapid succession of gunfire from what authorities are calling an "assault style" rifle.

Police later confirmed that the gunman was firing shots toward the restaurant which was open and serving dinner at the time.

Employees and customers were unharmed, but the front window was shattered as a result of the flying bullets. Police found 19 shell casings at the scene reports 10 News. 

Law enforcement then began a canvassing effort throughout the neighborhood which extended to Upas Street near Fourth and Fifth Avenues. 

Police said they apprehended a suspect who matched the description on the gunmen although he was wearing different clothes. They also discovered a duffle bag containing an assault rifle in a nearby dumpster. Clothing that matched the suspect's at the time of the shooting was also found.

No motive has been established at this time. Police officials said the suspect faces nine counts of attempted murder.

Hillcrest has recently seen an uptick in crime this week. A group of armed suspects robbed a local jewelry store in The Hub and someone defaced plaques at the Pride flag monument on Normal Street.