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Two arrested for attempting to bring Ecstasy aboard gay cruise

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Two men were arrested on Sunday when Homeland Security agents discovered they had a suitcase full of illegal drugs which they planned to bring on board a gay cruise. 

Security agents thwarted the attempts of government contractors Peter Melendez, 35, and Robert Koehler, 27, after intercepting emails in which they discussed their alleged plans. 

The two, according to an arrest report, had planned to distribute MDMA, or Ecstacy, for profit on the Atlantis Events cruise ship docked in Miami. 

It was Melendez's government-issued computer that blew the whistle on their plans, as agents were able to read their correspondence regarding the drug smuggling.

A K-9 unit alerted agents of the drugs contained in both suspect's suitcases. 

Twenty-seven grams of MDMA, 18 grams of Ketamine, 246 grams of GHB, and Viagra were seized reports the Miami Herald.

The charges are serious, both being hit with illegal drug trafficking with Melendez having the added charge of conspiracy to traffic MDMA.

Last summer reality show celebrity and storm chaser Joel Taylor died aboard a gay cruise after suffering an accidental overdose of MDMA and ketamine.