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Mom's coming out photo shoot for trans son is a lesson in motherly love

Photo credit:
Heather Lundberg Green - Facebook

A Louisville, Kentucky, mother and her family have become an international sensation after she threw a gender-reveal themed birthday photo shoot that celebrated her son's recent coming out as trans. 

Heather Lundberg Green posted the photos on Facebook in early February and since then the story has been celebrated around the world in a viral way.

Her son Adrian was turning 20-years-old and officially come out to his mother and brother back in September. Heather took the opportunity to do something special for him and the Facebook pictorial was born. 

"You are without a doubt the most fascinating human I know and I will always be your biggest fan! I love you, I honor who you are and I respect your courage to be unapologetically you!! Lets celebrate!!" Heather captioned in part.

She admitted to New Now Next that she was not sure of the best way to honor Adrian after his revelation. 

“Honestly when he told me he was transitioning, I was determined to support him through his journey, but I had no idea how,” Heather said. “I have always had many friends in the LGBTQ community and still I wasn’t sure what steps I should take as his mother, or even what an appropriate response was outside of, ’I still love you.'"

Adrian told Good Morning America that it felt great to have such an amazing family backed by their support. His message to others is one of encouragement. 

"It's probably going to be a little terrifying to tell someone for the first time," he said. "But even if they're not accepting, there is a community out there that is going to love and accept you. It'll be OK."

 As for people borrowing Heather's photo concept, she says that's fine with her. 

“Several people have asked if they could steal the idea, to which I respond, ’Of course, please do!’ I am truly honored that so many people have shared my post; it means the world to my family!”

She adds: “There is still so much good in this world, and there is an entire community of people outside of the LGBTQIA community who do support and are willing to show that love and acceptance. Of the thousands of messages we have received, only one person has reached out in hate…that says a lot!”

You can see the entire photo composition HERE.