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A small history of Nancy Pelosi clapping behind other presidents

The clap heard around congress at the State of the Union Address.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi's clap heard around the world at Tuesday night's State of the Union Address was definitely something worth paying attention to especially since her applause in the past even for Republican presidents has been a little more jovial. 

The world woke up to commentary on Trump's address to the nation, an event that is usually used to give the country a framework for where he wants to lead America. 

But it was Pelosi who won the internet last night with her patronizing clap, generating memes and other viral shenanigans showcasing the pure polarizing bubble the U.S. is currently under. 

The address lasted almost 90 minutes and depending on what side of the political spectrum people fell, they either clapped or remained seated during the speech. 

“We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution, and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good," said Trump.

It was after that utterance by Trump (R) that Pelosi made clapback herstory.

What might make her body language a little more telling on Tuesday is that in the past her presence in the chair during a presidential address has been visible...but more encouraging? 

Of course her clapping for President Obama (D) in 2009 was so energetic she had a virtual clap-off with Vice President Joe Biden at the time. Some say her enthusiasm was the sheer joy that she didn't have to sit behind George W. Bush (R) anymore. 

But even her response to Bush's State Of The Union Address 2007 held a lot more regard than her attempt at etiquette toward President Trump on Tuesday night.

One thing is for sure though, the night belonged to the women and many were dressed in white, Including Pelosi, to commemorate the record number of women who were elected to Congress in 2018.

And although the biggest take away from the address might be the now-famous clap, there's no denying that Pelosi spoke with her hands what many in her party were actually thinking.