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Trans teen wins homecoming crown despite torment

Trans high school student wins homecoming crown.
Photo credit:
Charlie Baum -- Instagram

After being mercilessly bullied and harassed, a transgender student at Forsyth Central High School in Georgia has been crowned its Homecoming Queen. 

According to LGBTQ Nation, Charlie Baum is a senior at the school and has had to endure years of harried barbs just because of who she is.

She says the abuse even went so far as including “death threats and plenty of public humiliation.” 

The years leading up to high school were just as bad. But once she became a freshman she dressed in drag and came out as gay.

“This year, in particular, I spent the first semester not out as trans but instead going to school regularly with crazy dramatic makeup,” she told Pink News. “This angered plenty of people, some to the point of harassment.”

Slurs and insensitivity were the norm. From people calling her a "fa***t" to people asking about her sexual organs in an online chat group, Charlie was the subject of much criticism.

But it seems she had more friends than enemies and she was nominated for homecoming queen; a crown she ultimately won. 

“I went from feeling ready to get out of high school so that I could be normal and just feel like a normal girl—not so much of an oddity or outcast—to feeling like there was a majority of students who support me,” Baum said.

“Winning a queen title was never something that seemed feasible to me, so it’s a very good feeling to know that I was wrong. This let me know that I do have a chance at normalcy and royalty.”

Charlie shared her win on Instagram and she says she sees a more promising future for her home state. 

“This win, to me, represents a more progressive and accepting future in one of the most conservative and backwards counties in Georgia,” Baum wrote.