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San Diego LGBT community searches for missing friend

UPDATE 02-07-19: Chase Chaney updated his post and says Galvan is safe.

Although no official missing person police report has been filed, the San Diego LGBT community is hoping to find one of their friends who has not checked in with them since 2018.

In a public Facebook post, Chase Chaney says that he hasn't seen or heard from Paul Galvan in the past year. Chaney says he is one of Paul's very good friends. 

"I have reached out to his mother, his friends and his ex but nobody knows. Nobody has created a police report or anything to my knowledge," Chaney writes in his post. 

"I’m very scared and worried for him as the last time I saw him he wasn’t in a good place mentally and there was nothing I could do for him at that time," writes Chaney. "Please if anyone has seen him or heard from him contact me. I love him very much he is such a good person and friend."

We contacted Chaney for more information and he conveyed that Galvan may have some legal troubles in Florida, but that has not been confirmed.

SDGLN suggested that Galvan may not want to be found. 

"Could be," Chaney said, adding that he feels that's unlikely because Galvan enjoys being around people and disappearing just doesn't seem like him.

Chaney is asking anyone who has information or may have seen Galvan or know his whereabouts to contact him privately.

You can direct message him on his Facebook page.