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San Diego drag queen meets idol Xtina on "Watch What Happens Live"

Local drag star sees stars of her own on "Watch What Happens Live."
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Kickxy Vixen-Styles

A dream came true for local drag performer Kickxy Vixen-Styles when she got to meet her idol Christina Aguilera on the Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

It all happened last week when Kickxy headed to Hollywood to appear on the pre-recorded show to fish off against Farrah Moan and Gia Gunn for the Draguilera crown; a prize bestowed upon the queen who impressed Aguilera the most. 

Those who follow Kickxy on social media know she was a bit nervous about the meeting.

"It was a surreal moment," Kickxy told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News. "I’ve loved [Christina] and have been a fan for 20 years."

It has been quite a year for the San Diego performer, almost a year ago to the day she was asked to become director of the popular drag revue DIVAS at Rich's where she sometimes performs as her favorite comic book heroes. 

But this time she's the one who met her hero and got the rare opportunity to express her gratitude in person. 

"She’s empowered me during some of the loneliest, and lowest times in my life," said Kickxy of Aguilera. "So to be there hugging her thanking her in person--her knowing my name--was beyond words."

Kickxy and Aguilera have a long history together, even if the "Genie in a Bottle" singer wasn't aware of it until the show.

"My drag from day one has been inspired by her," said Kickxy, who reveals that her very first drag performance was done to Aguilera's "Dirrty."

"If someone back then said, six years from today Christina Aguilera will be crowning you as the winner of Draguilera on national TV I would never believe it. It really was a dream come true."

The episode aired on Thursday night and you if you didn't get a chance to record it, highlights can be viewed HERE.