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Chicago print shop refuses to make LGBT brochures

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An Illinois printing company has refused to work on brochures for Chicago’s LGBT Community Fund.

The Fund, "works toward the vision of a region where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender residents live responsibly in harmony with all communities, enjoying the same freedoms and quality of life, and with the same opportunity to make the region a better and safer place for all to live."

According to LGBTQ Nation, Yorke Printe Shoppe denied the philanthropic organization its services because of religious beliefs. 

“You think in this day and age it doesn’t happen, but it does,” Adnaan Hamid, co-chair of the LGBT Community Fund, told Crain’s Chicago Business.

The Fund is filing a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights

Working with the marketing firm Kineo Group, Deborah Schneider helped with organizing a brochure for The Fund by reaching out to the printing company for a quote and sending them design details. 

However once shop owner Brad Scull looked over the proposal he said he wouldn't do it. 

"I’m a Christian, I believe in Scripture, and my faith is really important to me,” Scull said. “I have nothing against any of those people. I have an issue when stuff gets into the promotion of the lifestyle.”

He said he doesn't hate the LGBT community, he just doesn't believe in what they do.

“I don’t think people really understand that I can love the people and maybe not agree with them,” Scull said. “But people don’t do the same for me.”

He did reference another printing company to do the job at the same price, but Schneider said the damage had already been done and she won't be doing business with Mr. Scull again. 

“He made a decision as a businessman, and I made a decision as a businesswoman,” she said.

Sexual orientation is protected under Illinois non-discrimination laws and there is no religious exemption. 

Chicago’s LGBT Community Fund has given out over $1,000,000 in grants to various LGBT organizations.