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KPBS is streaming a history of Hillcrest doc from 2002

"Searching for San Diego Hillcrest" streaming now on KPBS.
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Seventeen years ago, a documentary called "Searching for San Diego Hillcrest"  aired on KPBS which focused on the unique and eclectic character of this historic San Diego neighborhood. While a lot has changed since then, there are still some things that remain the same.

That documentary is currently being featured on the KPBS website, free to stream, and if you feel like taking a walk down memory lane, or just learning about the area's colorful history, this film is a comprehensive look at what made Hillcrest what it is today. 

It might be no surprise to some, but the neighborhood owes a lot of its success to historic gay bars even though homosexuality was illegal during their heyday. Despite the raids and police harassment, the gay community adopted Hillcrest as its own, buying up cheap properties as the older generation died out. 

As the documentary points out, Hillcrest became known for its businesses and social scene unlike the Castro District in San Francisco; which is described as more of a "movement." If Castro was California's LGBT political beacon, then Hillcrest was its much gentler suburban counterpart.

Another part of Hillcrest's LGBT past was showcased last year in the documentary "San Diego's Gay Bar History." It premiered at San Diego's LGBT Film Festival and is also available to view on KPBS by clicking HERE

Whether you want to see some faces from the past or just learn about the history of Hillcrest, "Searching for San Diego Hillcrest" is a great viewing experience that shows how much this charming neighborhood has grown from its sagebrush roots. 

Make it a double feature:

"Searching for San Diego Hillcrest" is available to watch HERE and "San Diego's Gay Bar History" can be seen by clicking HERE