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Man severely bites restaurant worker in Hillcrest

Fifth avenue was alive with police activity Wednesday night as a man severely bit another in Hillcrest, San Diego.
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Police have arrested a man who severely bit a restaurant employee in Hillcrest on Wednesday night. 

It happened at about 9 pm at the Pho Fifth Avenue Vietnamese restaurant. According to ABC 10, the attacker entered the eatery acting erratically. 

The employee led the man outside and that's when they both began to fight.

"The suspect punched the victim in the face, the victim put the suspect in a headlock, the suspect then bit the victim causing arterial damage, requiring surgery," the San Diego Police Department told SDGLN

A tourniquet was applied to the wound by a responding officer before the victim was treated by paramedics. He was then taken to a nearby hospital where his injuries were considered non-life-threatening. 

Thanks to many witnesses the attacker was identified, some said the man is frequently seen in the area.

Police apprehended suspect Bruno Souza, 40, at 300 Washington Street the following day just after noon. 

He has been charged with mayhem and assault with force to possibly cause great bodily injury.