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Alaskan women's shelter denies trans folks and they want to keep it that way

Anchorage, Alaska has anti-discrimination laws in place that protect people based on orientation and gender identity, but one faith-based women's homeless shelter has refused a trans woman entrance to their facility and is suing the city to keep it that way. 

According to The Advocate, the anti-LGBT group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is representing the center, saying the facility should be able to deny trans women if they wish. 

In 2018, a trans woman sought overnight accommodations at the Hope Center but was turned away.

The shelter claimed that she had arrived intoxicated after having been in a physical altercation at another shelter. They say they sent her to the hospital.

She returned the next day and was still denied access.

The Hope Center is reportedly not fully cooperating with the investigation and the assistant municipal attorney is deeming the second lawsuit as "premature." 

The ADF, which also represents The Masterpiece Cakeshop, is apparently advocating for the shelter to refuse trans woman who seek their services. 

Attorney Ryan Tucker of the ADF said only “biological men” are welcome at men's shelters. 

On Friday, a U.S. District Judge heard the arguments and is currently weighing them. 

Last year, a failed anti-trans bathroom initiative called Proposition 1 would have regulated public spaces by one's sex at birth.