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Woman in nail spa goes on nasty rant against gay man

Seattle nail salon is the site of a woman who goes on a homophobic tirade.
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Christopher Brown just wanted to get a pedicure at his favorite salon in Lynnwood, Washington, but he got more than he bargained for when a female customer went on a homophobic rant because he asked her to take her phone off speaker. 

Although the part leading up to her profanity-filled tongue lashing is absent from the video which has now been seen over 200K times, Brown explains in a Facebook post (NSFW) what led to the confrontation

"After this lady storms in the place to talk down to the receptionist, she proceeds to pick out her color at the color pallets wall," he writes. "After berating another staff member for the selection not being what she wanted, she selects the chair next to me for her pedicure experience."

That's when he says she decided to have a FaceTime conversation with her daughter; a discussion that he says irritated not only the staff but other customers. 

"Being the outspoken gent that I am, I say “mam (sic), would you kindly mind taking your phone off speaker in the spa, pointing to the signs asking patrons to keep their noise down."

He says the woman told her daughter,  “hold on, I need to take care of this fa**ot," and that's when he began to record. 

At first the unidentified woman gives the staff an ultimatum, "either he goes or I go," she says. 

“He bothered me for no reason. He harassed me for no reason, telling me to get off of my phone… Keep recording sissy, keep recording because you probably wish you had a c**t like me, right?”

When they refuse to ask him to leave, she makes good on her threat and storms out leaving in her wake a barrage of nasty, graphic profanities. 

“I should show you my parts. Fa**ot, sissy, queer, f*g, eat my pu**y, eat it. How’s that f*g? Queer. Queer, ’cause you want a pu**y?”

Brown says he struggled with posting the video at first, having many sleepless nights, but in the end he felt it was the right thing to do and he hopes others will get something from it. 

"Please take a minute to view and share this," he writes, "and know that even in the Seattle region, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the LGBT community." 

He adds: "I hope her family and friends see this one day, and are embarrassed by her despicable behavior. There is still work to do folks."

According to Casabella Spa & Nails, where the event took place, they say Brown was polite the entire time.

“I know this was just words," Brown told KOMO News. "But they really do matter."

The original video has recently been taken down perhaps due to its language, but you can see it in part HERE