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New e-scooter laws go into effect as of Jan.1

New scooter laws go into effect on Jan. 1.
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There is no shortage of electric scooter options in San Diego, and on January 1 riders have a new set of rules they must follow or face getting a ticket. 

Users who are under the age of 18 are now required to wear helmets. Those 18 and over do not need to wear them.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the new law, AB 2989, which went into effect on Tuesday. 

Renters are also forbidden from riding scooters on highways with a speed limit greater than 25 mph and roads where the speed limit is greater than 35 mph according to ABC 10. 

Riding under the influence is still illegal and users must have a valid driver's license or permit.

Also once the ride is complete, people who leave the vehicles in the middle of the sidewalk can be cited and only one person is allowed to occupy the device at one time.

These new rules come on the heels of two very serious accidents over the past week, one killing a Chula Vista man. 

A group of San Diego scooter safety advocates called Safe Walkways have submitted a whole list of proposals to Mayor Faulconer to consider. 

“It’s dangerous for the people who ride them,” said Dr. Jonathan Freeman, who submitted the proposals. “The riders try to avoid riding on the road, so they ride on sidewalks and walkways like this, and they put pedestrians in danger.”