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Drag performer says he was attacked by two men in Hillcrest

Drag performer says he was attacked after his show last week.
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Carlos Juarez - Facebook

Carlos Juarez says he was physically attacked while still in drag on Sunday December 16, after leaving Flicks in Hillcrest.

In a public Facebook post, Juarez says after his debut performance at The Merrow, he and a few friends decided to go to Flicks for a nightcap. He says all of his friends left except one, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Both men decided to have one more drink before calling it a night. 

That's when they were approached by two men, one identified by Juarez as "Mauricio" who began saying, "disrespectful things that he thought I did not understand cuz he was speaking Spanish..." Juarez wrote. He says he understands Spanish and asked the man what the issue was.

The man who was with "Mauricio" told Juarez that his friend was paying him compliments, not insults. 

"That clearly was not what he had said in Spanish I told them to leave me alone and he kept saying vulgar things in Spanish that I understood so I threw the rest of my drink in his face and told him to learn some respect and walked away," Juarez writes in his post. 

Deciding to go to another nearby bar, both Juarez and his friend set off on foot.  

"As we were walking From Flicks to Rich's to get away from these idiots they decided to follow us removing items of clothing as they were proceeding to say 'what's up now' as if they wanted a physical altercation," writes Juarez. "As we turned around they were already beginning to attack tearing off all of my jewelry from my neck and arms, and throwing huge rocks at us, one rock hitting me in my shoulder."

Juarez says he began to defend himself but found it difficult as he was still in drag. "They pushed [my friend] into a tree busting his face open (pictured lower left) after throwing a huge rock through one of the establishments and shattering the window (pictured upper left)."

When the police arrived the men had already fled according to Juarez. He worries that this type of thing could have happened to any local drag queen and he is saddened by that aspect. 

"I thank God for Him giving me strength because had I not been able to defend myself that night, things probably could have ended worse," he writes. "This behavior is in no way acceptable and should not be tolerated."

Juarez posted a photo of the two alleged assailants on his page. SDGLN won't post it here as they have not been arrested and no police report was made. 

We asked Juarez why he did not file a report, 

"I was trying to make sure that my friend and his face were fine before anything," he said. "Which is why I only put myself down as a witness to everything that happened so that I can hurry up and take my friend to the Emergency Room." 

He says the officers offered to call an ambulance, but since his friend had no medical insurance he declined the offer.

When asked if the men are gay or straight, Juarez says he thinks they are a gay couple. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reached out to the San Diego Police about their report regarding the broken business window, they say it was broken as a part of some kind of altercation. The store owner arrived but declined to have a report taken.

Editor's Note: The quoted text has been edited grammatically for clarity but the changes do not alter the integrity of the story.