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Cuba takes marriage equality principle out of its constitutional draft

Caving to backlash, Cuba removes marriage equality verbiage from proposed constitution.
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Cuba is currently considering a new constitution and the verbiage that defines marriage has been removed from the draft after the public outcry. 

Early in 2018, the National Assembly in Cuba okayed a version that in Article 68 defined marriage as “the consensual union of two people, regardless of gender.” 

While the LGBT community looked at the definition as a huge step forward, many in the straight community spoke out en masse to have it removed.

Religious leaders and organizations also pulled sway and the language was pulled from the proposed document. 

The change was supposed to  “respect all opinions," The National Assembly’s posted on Twitter according to LGBTQ Nation

The Guardian talked to a gay blogger named Francisco Rodriguez who said he wasn't concerned with the omission because at least it doesn't say gay couples can't marry. 

“This was a side step,” said Rodriguez. “It’s a solution. Not ‘between a man and a woman’ or ‘between two people.’ Now is when it all begins.”

Article 40’s ban on discrimination based several factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity, remains in the proposed constitution.