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SDPD cops out of Hillcrest parking agreement says HBA

SDPD will not allow vendors to park in Normal Street Median starting in January.
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Hillcrest Farmers Market

Benjamin Nicholls, the Executive Director of the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) says The San Diego Police Department has copped out of a parking compromise they made earlier this year to allow Hillcrest Farmers Market vendors to park in the street medians. 

Back in February 2018, the police threatened to take away the use of the spaces, something Nicholls said could threaten the livelihood of the weekly event. 

“Without on-site parking for vendors," Nicholls said back then. "We will have dramatically reduced parking options for customers (over 150 spaces lost!) and have created a huge burden for our vendors. If you care about parking in Hillcrest, this is something you should care about!”

A compromise was made and police lifted the ban, promising not to tow anyone. 

However, today, Nicholls is once again concerned, he says the police department has backpedaled on that arrangement. 

"Starting in January, they're again saying that our vendors can't park in the medians," Nicholls wrote in an email statement on Thursday. "They claim it's not safe but can't show any evidence that there has been any issues! We negotiated in good faith and now, just in time for the holiday shopping season, they're going back on their word."

He says the worse part of the news is that the market will lose a lot of its vending and event space because the critical loading areas are being removed. 

"This action by the SDPD will cut the market in half," he explains. "This ruling will also have an effect on AIDS Walk, the Pride Parade, and all the other events we do on Normal Street!"

He would like the community to reach out to city officials to let them know how important it is to allow vendors to park in the median. 

Nicholls says the community should take a moment to email or call Mayor Faulconer's office at 619-236-6330 (kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov) and Councilmember Chris Ward's office at 619-299-3330 (christopherward@sandiego.gov).