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SD Pride announces dates and theme for 2019

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History Channel

Winter has barely begun and San Diego Pride is already looking forward to summer. Today Pride's Executive Director Fernando Z. López announced the theme and date of next year's festival.

The Stonewall Riots, a pivotal point in LGBT activism, marks its 50th anniversary in 2019 and Pride is honoring the event. 

"Our community rallied together and commemorated that act of rebellion the following year with the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, with solidarity events held in cities across the country," wrote López in a statement.

"The number of solidarity events has continued to grow every year all across the world. The global Pride movement now boasts nearly 2,000 identified Prides, organized by hundreds of thousands of people, connecting millions to resources, community, and the celebration of our diverse sexual orientations and gender identities."

López says he doesn't know if the rioters could have perceived the global impact they would have following the events of that evening in 1969 or how their defiance would set off a chain of events leading to the LGBT rights we have today. 

"I do know that each of us is grateful for the gains we’ve inherited and that we give thanks to the Stonewall generation, as it is their shoulders we stand on. I know that each of us—in the battles we face along the journey of our lives and in the small acts of kindness or resistance we make every day—are a part of the continuum of activism sparked at the Stonewall Inn.

"This is why our theme for San Diego Pride 2019 is Stonewall 50: A Legacy of Liberation. We will take this next year to honor and reflect on the Stonewall generation, on their activism, and on all that our community has gained through their efforts.

López adds:

"We will also reflect on our own role in that legacy, and how, if we approach our own individual legacies with intention, we can build on their successes to leave a better world for those who come next. We are all connected to this legacy of liberation, and in its service, we can truly Persist with Pride."

Here are the dates for San Diego Pride and events 2019:

OUT at the Park: April 19, 2019

She Fest: July 6, 2019

Spirit of Stonewall Rally: July 12, 2019

San Diego Pride Parade: July 13, 2019

San Diego Pride Festival: July 13 – 14, 2019