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Parents complain about UK teacher who also does drag

Photo credit:
Miss Tish Ewe - Twitter

A private school teacher in Lound, Suffolk is making a little extra money as a drag queen, and some parents had concerns about it according to New Now Next

Andrew Livingstone, 39, also goes under the stage name Miss Tish Ewe with the tagline “The bitch with the itch.”

Recently a video surfaced of Livingstone's racy drag act, which has a little blue sexual humor, prompting a few parents to complain. 

“The videos are lewd and I can’t have my children seeing that kind of content,” said one parent who is okay with Livingstone's second profession, but not the act itself. 

The school doesn't seem to mind though and even made him head teacher in July. They say Livingstone brings “considerable expertise in education and school improvement to the trust,” reports the BBC.

They also knew about the drag act before they hired him and they did “not believe that the two jobs are incompatible, and agreed with Mr. Livingstone clear guidelines to ensure that there is a separation between his two jobs, including the use of social media in promoting his act.”

The videos in question were captured before he became a staff member at the Horatio House.

Taking to Twitter to thank his supporters, Livingstone said that his critics are the ones who have the problem. 

He also doesn't seem to be suffering from any of the publicity, Miss Tish Ewe recently helped raise money for World AIDS Day and her calendar is full. 

"Inundated with booking enquiries (sic). 2018 is full and 2019 filling up rapidly! When they are gone, they’re gone!" she wrote.